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03/30/2020Rep. William O'Brien; Rep. O'Brien announces COVID-19 testing at RIC beginning tomorrow, March 31
03/27/2020Rep. William O'Brien; Rep. O'Brien calls for a first-responder stipend during COVID-19 crisis
03/26/2020Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Rep. Marvin Abney; Sen. William Conley; Legislative leaders approve up to $300 million in emergency cash flow borrowing
03/26/2020Rep. Lauren H. Carson; Rep. Carson voices support for emergency borrowing
03/26/2020Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; General Assembly sessions, hearings canceled week of March 30-April 3
03/24/2020Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee; Rep. Teresa Tanzi; Rep. Kathleen A. Fogarty; Representatives McEntee, Tanzi, and Fogarty deliver $7,500 to Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale food pantry
03/24/2020Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Rep. Marvin Abney; Sen. William Conley; Legislative leaders to meet to consider emergency borrowing for coronavirus response
03/24/2020Rep. William O'Brien; Rep. O'Brien calls on governor to start clinical trials on drugs to treat COVID-19
03/24/2020Rep. Camille F.J. Vella-Wilkinson; Rep. Vella-Wilkinson announces cancellation of annual Military and Veterans Outreach Day
03/23/2020Sen. Frank Lombardi; Senator Lombardi urges Honeywell to hire restaurant and hospitality workers to fill new positions
03/18/2020Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; General Assembly sessions, hearings canceled through March 27
03/17/2020Rep. Anastasia Williams; Rep. Williams calls for restaurant relief tax reprieve
03/12/2020Rep. Lauren H. Carson; Rep. Carson supports council decision on parade
03/12/2020Rep. Joseph McNamara; Sen. Erin Lynch Prata; Rep. McNamara, Sen. Lynch Prata postpone Pawtuxet Village community meeting
03/12/2020Rep. Joseph McNamara; Rep. McNamara lauds education commissioner for ordering remote learning protocols
03/12/2020Rep. Marvin Abney; Sen. Louis DiPalma; Rep. Abney and Sen. DiPalma’s motion picture tax credit bill passes General Assembly
03/12/2020Rep. Michael Morin; Rep. Morin legislation would change amount of alcohol microbreweries can sell at retail
03/12/2020Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Assembly adapts to help prevent spread of COVID-19
03/12/2020Rep. Joshua J. Giraldo; Rep. Joshua Giraldo takes oath of office
03/11/2020Rep. Robert Craven; MEDIA ADVISORY: House Judiciary Committee postponed tonight
03/11/2020Rep. Deborah Ruggiero; Ruggiero bill would allow municipalities to classify busy short-term rentals as commercial property
03/11/2020Rep. Gregg Amore; Rep. Amore bill that excludes chronic intractable pain from medication prescribing guidelines passed by House
03/11/2020Rep. Patricia Serpa; Sen. Cynthia A. Coyne; 3-D and ghost guns bill nearing passage
03/10/2020Rep. David Bennett; Sen. Erin Lynch Prata; Minimum wage increase signed into law
03/10/2020Sen. James Sheehan; Sen. Sheehan bills would make non-disclosure agreements as they pertain to cases of sexual harassment nonbinding
03/10/2020Rep. Joshua J. Giraldo; MEDIA ADVISORY: Representative-elect Joshua Giraldo to be sworn into office during Thursday’s House session
03/10/2020Rep. William O'Brien; Rep. O’Brien fully supports bill that caps classroom size to 20 for kindergarten through grade two classes
03/09/2020Rep. Joseph McNamara; MEDIA ADVISORY: House Health, Education and Welfare Committee to hear bills relating to school health, safety, curriculum
03/09/2020Rep. Marvin Abney; MEDIA ADVISORY: House Finance Committee meets three times this week to hear budget articles, vote on movie tax credit bill, and to hear IGT/Twin River legislation
03/09/2020Rep. Alex Marszalkowski; House Finance Subcommittee on Human Services meets on Wednesday to hear testimony on FY 2020 revised budget for the Eleanor Slater Hospital