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3/9/2020 MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Judiciary Committee meets on Thursday to hear a variety of legislation
STATE HOUSE – The Senate Judiciary Committee will be meeting on Thursday, March 12 at the RISE of the Senate (approximately 5 p.m.) in Room 310 of the State House to hear and/or consider the following bills:
  • 2020-S 2446, sponsored by Senate Majority Whip Maryellen Goodwin (D-Dist. 1, Providence), places the jurisdiction of minors in the Family Court when it comes to matters involving protective orders of domestic assault.
  • 2020-S 2449, sponsored by Sen. Erin Lynch Prata (D-Dist. 31, Warwick, Cranston), invests the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with the explicit authority to address issues affecting the conduct of judicial business and order whatever response(s) he or she deems necessary.
  • 2020-S 2450, sponsored by Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski (D-Dist. 37, South Kingstown, New Shoreham), sunsets the provision allowing first-time violators to avoid fine by acquisition of hands-free device prior to imposition of fine effective 9/1/20.
  • 2020-S 2604, sponsored by Sen. Frank S. Lombardi (D-Dist. 26, Cranston), eliminates the provision a person who solicits a ride in a motor vehicle or backs up a motor vehicle on a freeway is guilty of a misdemeanor. Adds $100 fine for advertising a motor vehicle for sale on a state highway to the schedule of violations.

For more information, contact:
Andrew Caruolo, Publicist
State House Room 20
Providence, RI 02903