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Press Releases

 Press Releases

1/15/2019House Minority Leader Filippi's response to State of the State address
1/14/2019Media Advisory: Republican State of the State response
11/28/2018Statement on the Passing of Former House Minority Leader David W. Dumas
11/20/2018House GOP Concerned by Gorbea Impeding Voter Transparency
11/19/2018House Minority Welcomes New Members
11/8/2018New House Minority Leadership Team Announced
5/29/2018Minority Whip Filippi Cosponsors Legislation to allow Rhode Islanders over 65 years old to Deduct Up to $7,500.00 in Maintenance Expenses on their Personal Residence
2/20/2018Rep. Filippi Calls for Better Public Record Keeping
2/6/2018Minority Whip Filippi Calls for Greater Protection for Victims of Data Breaches
1/30/2018Rep. Filippi Introduces Bills to Make State & Local Government More Transparent
12/20/2017House Minority Whip Blake A. Filippi to Reintroduce Resolution to Amend Rhode Island Constitution and Require Election by Majority Through Instant Run-Off Voting
6/28/2017General Assembly OKs Sosnowski, Filippi legislation to create Block Island Utility District
5/30/2017House Finance Committee to Hear Bill Submitted by House Minority Whip Blake A. Filippi To Repeal Beer and Malt Sales Tax
5/16/2017Minority Whip Blake Filippi To Testify Before House Finance Committee on Pension Fund Investments
4/25/2017House Minority Whip Blake Filippi to Testify Before the House Finance Committee Calling for Transparency Across State and Local Government
4/11/2017House Minority Whip Blake Filippi to Present Three Constitutional Reforms to House Judiciary Committee
3/1/2017Members of House Minority Caucus Meet with Leaders From Rhode Island’s Regional School Districts
2/27/2017House Committee on Judiciary to hear two privacy protection bills introduced by House Minority Whip Blake A. Filippi
11/16/2016Representative Patricia Morgan Elected House Minority Leader, Representative Blake A. Filippi Elected House Minority Whip
5/2/2016Representative Blake Filippi Wants to Abolish “Amazon Tax”
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