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​Senate Fiscal Office

​The mission of the Senate Fiscal Office (SFO) is to anticipate and provide ongoing, nonpartisan fiscal analysis, research, and analytical support to members of the Senate. Links to the office's recent major publications are below.

 Budget Analyses

Floor Amendments - H-7170 Sub A.pdfFloor Amendments - H-7170 Sub A
SFO FY2020 Supplemental Budget as Passed by HFC.pdfSFO FY2020 Supplemental Budget as Passed by HFC
FY2021 SFO Governor's Budget Analysis.pdfFY2021 SFO Governor's Budget Analysis
FY2021 SFO Governors Budget Articles.pdfFY2021 SFO Governors Budget Articles
FY2021 SFO Governor's Budget - First Look.pdfFY2021 SFO Governor's Budget - First Look
FY2020 SFO Budget as Enacted.pdfFY2020 SFO Budget as Enacted

 Other Documents

May 2020 Caseload Estimating Conference Report.pdfMay 2020 Caseload Estimating Conference Report
May 2020 Revenue Estimating Conference Report.pdfMay 2020 Revenue Estimating Conference Report
FY2021 Personnel.pdfFY2021 Personnel
FY2021 Education Aid.pdfFY2021 Education Aid
November 2019 Revenue Estimating Conference Report.pdfNovember 2019 Revenue Estimating Conference Report
November 2019 Caseload Estimating Conference Report.pdfNovember 2019 Caseload Estimating Conference Report
Stephen Whitney
Senate Fiscal Advisor


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