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Law Revision Office
The Law Revision Office resolves, corrects and disseminates the most current version of the Rhode Island General Laws. It is the first office of the General Assembly to receive, process and review all enacted legislation. The work of the Law Revision Office enables all legislative offices to initiate their respective responsibilities for each subsequent legislative session.

Statutorily, the Law Revision Office is responsible for editing and modernizing Rhode Island’s laws. The director is authorized to rearrange, rephrase and consolidate these laws so that obsolete enactments are eliminated and imperfections cured. Through the legislative mechanism of the Annual Statutes Bill, all substantive editing by Law Revision must pass through both chambers of the General Assembly, culminating in the printing and statewide use of the volumes of the General Laws and the printing of the Public Laws, Act & Resolves. Law Revision maintains a continuum of updated information on its expansive portion of the legislative website through the production of tables and numerous legislative Short Title Lists.
Contact Information:

Susan G. Pegden, Esq.


Phone: (401)222-3614
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