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 House Health and Human Services Documents

Agenda 03-16-2021 HHS 2
Agenda 02-02-2021-HHS - 2
05-05-2021--H6284--RI Dept of Health
05-05-2021--H6283--RI Veterinary Med Asoc
05-05-2021--H6283--Potter League
05-05-2021--H6282--William Beliveau, MD
05-05-2021--H6282--Vince Varamo, DO
05-05-2021--H6282--Victor A Pinkes MD
05-05-2021--H6282--Tom Martin
05-05-2021--H6282--Stephanie Ruest, MD
05-05-2021--H6282--Sonya Naganathan, MD
05-05-2021--H6282--Scott H. Lariviere
05-05-2021--H6282--Ryan A McTaggart MD
05-05-2021--H6282--Robert W. Ready RN
05-05-2021--H6282--RI Medical Transportation Asoc
05-05-2021--H6282--RI Medical society
05-05-2021--H6282--RI League of Cities and Towns
05-05-2021--H6282--RI Hospital-Pediatrics
05-05-2021--H6282--RI ENA President
05-05-2021--H6282--RI Dept Health
05-05-2021--H6282--RI Academy Physician Assistants
05-05-2021--H6282--Professional Ambulance
05-05-2021--H6282--Nadine T. Himelfarb, MD
05-05-2021--H6282--Michael Connolly, MD
05-05-2021--H6282--Matthew LoConte, MD
05-05-2021--H6282--Matt Zavadsky, MS‐HSA
05-05-2021--H6282--Mary-Elizabeth Perry BSN
05-05-2021--H6282--Maia Dinsmore
05-05-2021--H6282--Linda L Brown, MD
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