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06/14/2024Rep. Susan R. Donovan; Sen. Pamela J. Lauria; New law to spread info about type 1 diabetes through schools
06/14/2024Rep. Terri Cortvriend; Sen. Melissa A. Murray; New law will ensure parents are informed about ABLE accounts
06/14/2024Rep. Edith Ajello; Sen. Alana DiMario; Newly enacted bill will include state legislative races in post-election audit law
06/14/2024Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski; Rep. Patricia Serpa; General Assembly OKs Sosnowski, Serpa bill to extend lookback period for repeat DUI offenses
06/14/2024Rep. Cherie L. Cruz; Sen. Frank Ciccone; Assembly passes Rep. Cruz and Sen. Ciccone’s bill to reform State Building Code Office
06/14/2024Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee; Sen. Louis DiPalma; Assembly approves Rep. McEntee and Sen. DiPalma’s bill to count mobile homes as affordable housing
06/14/2024Sen. Dawn Euer; Rep. Lauren H. Carson; Assembly approves bills for Newport
06/14/2024Rep. Robert Craven; Sen. Matthew L. LaMountain; Assembly approves Chairman Craven and Sen. LaMountain’s legislation to increase housing production
06/14/2024Rep. Robert Craven; Sen. Frank Lombardi; General Assembly approves Rep. Craven and Sen. Lombardi’s legislation to spur home production
06/14/2024Rep. Brian Kennedy; Sen. Mark P. McKenney; Legislature approves bill to facilitate business response during declared state emergencies
06/14/2024Rep. Patricia Serpa; Sen. Robert Britto; General Assembly OKs bill to establish regulatory framework for non-emergency medical transportation
06/14/2024Sen. Louis DiPalma; Rep. Marvin Abney; Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; General Assembly approves 2025 state budget bill
06/14/2024Sen. Matthew L. LaMountain; Rep. Camille F.J. Vella-Wilkinson; General Assembly OKs LaMountain, Vella-Wilkinson legislation on short-term rental disclosures
06/13/2024Rep. David Bennett; Sen. Sandra Cano; Assembly approves bill to license certified surgical first assistants
06/13/2024Rep. Jose F. Batista; Sen. Meghan E. Kallman; Assembly approves bill to help push abandoned properties for redevelopment
06/13/2024Sen. Dawn Euer; Rep. David Morales; Assembly passes bill to pilot investigatory powers for AG
06/13/2024Sen. Dawn Euer; Rep. Arthur Handy; Assembly approves Energy Storage Systems Act
06/13/2024Sen. Louis DiPalma; Rep. Joseph J. Solomon; General Assembly passes bill to make Rhode Island’s banking tax structure more competitive
06/13/2024Sen. Matthew L. LaMountain; Rep. Jacquelyn M. Baginski; General Assembly OKs LaMountain, Baginski bill that would prohibit noncompetition agreements
06/13/2024Rep. Deborah Fellela; Sen. Frank Lombardi; Assembly OKs bill imposing probation or suspension on prescribers who overmedicate with death resulting
06/13/2024Rep. Leonela Felix; Assembly OKs legislation to streamline financial guarantees from developers
06/13/2024Rep. Tina L. Spears; Sen. Tiara T. Mack; Assembly OKs bill to study creation of state Geographic Information System
06/13/2024Sen. Alana DiMario; Rep. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith; Assembly OKs bill to continue funding Psychiatry Resource Network
06/13/2024Rep. Teresa Tanzi; Sen. Sandra Cano; Assembly OKs Ladders to Licensure grant program to train health care workers
06/13/2024Rep. Mia Ackerman; Sen. Samuel D. Zurier; Assembly passes bill to aid RI cancer researchers, patients
06/13/2024Rep. John Edwards; Sen. Hanna Gallo; Assembly approves Edwards, Gallo bill that would regulate the distribution of kratom
06/13/2024Rep. Scott Slater; Sen. Bridget G. Valverde; Assembly approves creation of Nursing Home Workforce Standards Advisory Board
06/13/2024Rep. Terri Cortvriend; Sen. Mark P. McKenney; Lawmakers approve wetlands buffer bill to encourage housing
06/13/2024Rep. Terri Cortvriend; Sen. Meghan E. Kallman; Assembly passes legislation to ban ‘forever chemicals’
06/13/2024Rep. Charlene Lima; General Assembly passes Rep. Lima’s bill that creates custody procedures for pets in divorce cases